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About Us

About Us

A vibrant business and a sustainable lifestyle.

"Natural Strategies" are those things we do to inform, challenge and grow ourselves in ways that improve our wellbeing while moving us toward sustainability.

The Natural Strategies Group (NSG) was started in 2005 to blend work, passion and personal growth into a vibrant business and sustainable lifestyle.

The Natural Strategies Group inspires and supports people to live more sustainably and reduce their contribution to climate change. We do this by providing online tools, services and content to help our clients engage and support their residents, staff and customers.

Paul Redman-BrownPaul Redman-Brown

After 10 years working producing online communications solutions and running teams to develop web sites for clients ranging from Warner music, Wesfarmers Dalgety through to Reach Out! (youth suicide prevention) I found myself Global Digital Products Manager at Lonely Planet publications (LP). Strangely, given the great people at LP, I was anxious, miserable and having nightly dreams about the ongoing destruction of the environment and the diminished world I was in the process of creating for my children.

So I left, and started the Natural Strategies Group.

Since then I have had the pleasure to meet and work with many passionate people who have come to similar realisations about the state of the environment and turned their lives to seek ways to make sustainability real.

Utilising my skills and knowledge in new media, a decade of surreptitiously studying sustainability, and the wisdom and knowledge of the Natural Strategies Group team, the Natural Strategies Group is focused on using new media to educate and persuade people to engage in the wellbeing of the world they live in.

In doing this we are working with and supporting some of the people, industries and issues that will define a compassionate sustainable future.