Art Of Organic Gourmet Raw Food Seminar

The Abbotsford Convent
n1 St Heliers Street, Abbotsford, 3067, VIC

07 August to 07 August 2010 | 01:00PM – 05:00PM

During the seminar you will learn how to: – Create sumptuous organic raw meals with minimal preparation – Become vibrantly healthy without sacrificing taste or pleasure – Lose weight while you eat like a king or queen – Free yourself of disease and ailments without medication – Develop eating habits that bring you a sense of inner peace & wellbeing – Free your children of many so-called behavioural problems We present an entirely new selection of recipes in each series. The delicious living food recipes demonstrated and sampled in Series #23 are: – The Amazing Green Smoothie – this is fast raw food at it’s best! – Caesar Salad with Croutons – an old favourite without dairy, meat or flour – Tzatziki – a refreshing dairy free, cucumber yogurt dip – Stuffed Mushrooms – simple and mouth watering – Cashew Cream – another decadent dairy alternative – Chocolate Mousse – you not believe your taste buds when you try this raw vegan delight. – Apple Crumble – serve warm just like the original, only healthier and more delicious You will receive generous samples of all recipes demonstrated. As you will see this seminar goes way beyond food preparation and delivers you insight, inspiration and education to take your health to new heights. During the seminar you will also discover:· – The paradigm shift you need to embrace to find true health – Why 95% to 97% of all disease and associated suffering are self inflicted – That the best expert when it comes to creating health is YOU – Our bodies are self healing mechanisms when given the right fuel and lifestyle – The origins of western medicine and why it’s major flaw – What we can learn from a wild chimpanzee’s diet – The healing and regenerative power of leafy greens – The world’s most potent superfoods and how to use them to enhance your health – The four most commonly consumed foods which are destroying our health – The startling findings of the largest scientific study on human nutrition and disease – Why living food nutrition works and why too much cooked and processed foods are harmful to your physical and mental health – Why organic foods are actually cheaper in the long run Investment in your health and well-being $99 or $89 if booked 2 weeks in advance or FREE if you join the Live Food Challenge

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