Join an urban regeneration group

Community groups are helping to rehabilitate weed choked native vegetation, enabling it to regenerate and thus, restoring native biodiversity. Find your local group and lend a hand.

Years of neglect have stripped our urban creeks, parks and roadways of vibrant indigenous vegetation. It’s time for us to remedy this erosion of our natural heritage. We can bring a diverse range of birds and creatures into our daily lives and would be creating a sustainable living space in step with Australian conditions. If we regenerated astutely we could even lower the temperature in our cities and make them more pleasurable places.

How to do it now!

Create a native or indigenous garden
Convert your patch (or even just a part of it) to a larder for local birds and wildlife. (See our ‘Grow an Indigenous Garden’ action for some great tips and hints).

Contact your local council
Many city councils, rivers and creeks have community groups working to improve and regenerate neglected and degraded natural areas. Bushcare groups, ‘Friends of …’ groups or simply concerned citizens pick up rubbish, work with councils and raise funds for local regeneration projects.

Find an urban regeneration group in your community
The following sites have regeneration groups in urban and rural areas and may list a group local to you:

Regenerate your street. Lobby your state and local government to start putting overhead wires underground and regenerating the streetscape with native plants (which will attract native birdlife). This will also improve shade to the roads and reduce heat absorption (and storage) in summer.

Even better, get your neighbours together and plant out your nature strip with native plants or create an ‘edible street’ using fruit trees. Of course check with your local council first!

Why is this action important?

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