Perpetual license offer

The Perpetual license offer to the Sustainable Living Guide offers Councils and community minded businesses the opportunity to provide community leadership on responses to environmental issues with the following benefits:

  1. Jumpstart your community engagement around sustainability – the Sustainable Living Guide is a thorough, well researched and engaging digital guide to how householders, businesses and organisations can reduce their impact on the environment.
  2. Cost-effectiveness – the perpetual license fee for the Sustainable Living Guide amounts to only a fraction of the cost of researching, and writing the guide’s content, and creating the online interface via which it is presented.
  3. Distillation of a complex, evolving array of prime information sources into a coherent and easily accessible format – as the Federal and State Governments act to alleviate water scarcity and slow climate change, the number of information sources (detailing services, products etc) has exploded, creating a nightmare for organisations and the public alike. We customise our content feed to focus on the exact information you and your constituents require.
  4. The addition of local sustainability initiatives – we work with our clients to blend in specific local sustainability initiatives with the more general sustainability information that we provide. This further increases the value of each client’s Sustainable Living Guide as each will contain a broad spectrum of sustainability actions of the greatest relevance to the constituents in question.
  5. Your own customised online guide – we work with you (specifically your web teams or developers) to ensure our content and templates are seamlessly aligned with both your environmental strategy and website.
  6. A solution that embraces best practice – the Natural Strategies Group has developed the Sustainable Living Guide over a decade of continuous improvement with dozens of local government clients.
  7. Professionally researched, written and sourced content – the Sustainable Living Guide comprises 86 detailed ‘actions’ that people can take in their lives to reduce their impact on the environment. Each action consists of images, links and text that have been designed to inspire and inform people, to empower them to craft their own response to our environmental problems and independently pursue a sustainable lifestyle.‘Organic food certification requires that crops and livestock are grown and reared naturally, without artificial fertilisers, synthetic pesticides, chemical feeds, growth-promotion drugs or routine antibiotics…’ (From ‘Eat organic produce’.).
  8. User-centric information architecture and presentation – the Sustainable Living Guide presents its content in a series of three templates, designed with the concept of simple and intuitive navigation in mind and cross-linked to other areas of the site. These templates can be ‘re-skinned’ to appear as a seamless part of your organisation’s existing web presence.

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We are keen to work with you to make your community engagement around sustainability and effective and enjoyable experience.

Paul Redman


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