Ride a bike

Stay fit, focused and firm and help save the world. Explore bike paths, cycle groups and ride any blues away.

Bicycles are simply the most efficient form of transport. They produce no waste and improve our health and wellbeing. If we all used a bike to get to work and visit friends and family or went on cycling holidays instead of road trips, it would have an immediate and profound effect on our fossil fuel use and contribution to climate change. Finally, as if all this is not compelling enough, cycling just 10km each way to work, once a week, instead of driving saves about $926 and 304kg of greenhouse gases each year.

How to do it now!

Cycle for fun and leisure
Try Railtrails Australia a directory of riding paths along old train lines through the beautiful Australian countryside.

Use an inner city bike hire scheme
A few capital cities have recently launched an easy, accessible and affordable bike hire scheme for cycling in the city.

Bike paths and bike lanes
Most cities have a network of off-road bike paths and wide roads with bike lanes along the main travelling routes. These are ideal for the invigorating ride to work along the local river and back streets or for cruising on the weekend to find a nice spot for a picnic.

Join or form a BUG (Bike Users Group) in your area
It’s a great way to meet other riders and find out about the best paths and trails.
Some online resources to get you started:

Additional resources

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