World Ocean Day

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06 August to 06 August 2013 | 06:30AM – 05:30PM

June 8 is the annual World Ocean Day created in 1992 at the UN Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro, and was officially confirmed by the United Nations in 2009. Organizations and individuals from around the world come together on this day to celebrate the oceans, reflect on their importance in our lives, and take time to do something good for our blue planet. On this Day of the Oceans, let us – Change the way we look at oceans -what the sea means to us, and what it can give. Use the opportunity to learn more about the oceans – many of us do not realize the profusion of diverse and beautiful creatures and habitats that are found in oceans, and how our actions affect them. Do something positive for the oceans – by finding ways we can alter our daily lives to conserve the oceans and reduce the our impacts on its fragile ecosystems

Submitted by The Ocean Project

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