The Natural Strategies Group (NSG) was founded in 2005 in order to use Paul’s 11+ years of online production and digital product-development skills to assist in a shift to sustainability.

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The Natural Strategies Group has recently provided a range of online consulting and product-development services to Green Taps (Enter), iTechne, Save Water and Landcare Victoria. These consulting roles focus on creating, in partnership with these clients, effective online tools to promote water saving and improved natural resource- management outcomes.

This consulting work has given us a deeper insight into the challenges of promoting the behaviour change that is required to reduce our detrimental effect on the environment.

Prior to starting the Natural Strategies Group, Paul worked as the Digital Products Manager at Lonely Planet Publications, where he successfully led a team in managing and developing the company’s main syndicated digital product, the World Guide.

Drawing on these experiences and skills, Paul has gathered together a team to develop and maintain the Sustainable Living Guide. This team consists of the following roles, (further information on the specific people fulfilling these roles is available on request)

  • Project & Account Manager – All client projects are proactively project managed to ensure the setup phase and ongoing content updates are completed smoothly, on time and with minimal effort on the client side.

  • Researchers – All the Actions are reviewed and updated quarterly by two researchers working in unison.

  • Writers – when new Actions or content is required our writer gathers the research and distills it into the Actions structure using the style guides developed for the Sustainable Living Guide.

  • Editors – Prior to any content being published, it is edited by a professional editor who is not involved in the researching or editing phases.

  • Graphic Designer – for the NSG site and when working with your developers we are able to utilize our Graphic designer to advise on look and feel issues (Navigation, application of CSS, etc...)

  • Programmer(s) – for the NSG site and to ensure that we can seamlessly deliver the content to our clients systems we employ several Open source developers who manage our CMS and site. They are available to liaise with client Dev teams to ensure data flows smoothly.

Natural Strategies Group – Sustainability Policies

The NSG is committed to walking the talk and actively engages in all the Actions we propose on our Web site. These include (but are not limited to):

  • Actively reduce our resource consumption (paper, water and energy) – from LED globes to double sided printing, and grey water recycling. We are constantly exploring new ways to save resources.

  • Buy Green Office Products (including Recycled Paper) – when we need to purchase new office items we fully explore and select the most efficient products based on stars or an understanding of the production cost of the item.

  • Offsetting all our carbon emissions – We do this through ongoing planting and maintenance of a native tree forest (Mountain Ash, Silver wattle, etc...) on western edge of the Strezlecki Mountains in South Yarragon. With over 500 trees planted over the past year, storing a multiple of our Carbon emissions...

  • Purchase renewable electricity – in addition to the carbon storage of the trees mentioned above we also purchase 100% renewable power for our office.

  • Reducing, reusing and recycling all our waste – used paper recycling, organic waste to worm farm, etc...