Travel to meetings and to work with your co-workers. It's efficient, it saves energy and it slows global warming.

The impact of our carbon emissions is causing increased global warming and our modes of transport (especially the car) contribute significantly to these emissions. By 'car pooling' with your co-workers, you'll immediately halve your emissions in one easy step.

This will also cut business costs and allow you to spend more 'face time' with your work colleagues.

How to do it now!

Communication and co-ordination are the keys to making your work travel more efficient. Here are some quick tips to help make it an easy process.

Organise to share transport to external meetings
When you are involved in or are organising an external meeting, take responsibility for organising a single car to take the participants to it together; do it as part of the meeting planning.

Communicate regular journeys to all staff
Ask others if they are in need of or able to provide transport. Think not only about meetings, but whether you could travel to and from work with others.

Explore alternative transport to the car
Can you ride a bike or catch public transport to the meeting? Both of these transport modes can be significantly more efficient and, in the case of the bike, will also give you your daily exercise hit.

Why is this action important?

Reducing the amount of CO2 and other greenhouse gases entering the atmosphere is critical if we are to address climate change and the environmental havoc it is causing. In addition, by car pooling you can save your organisation hundreds of dollars per year, get to drive less and hopefully get to know some interesting people.


As well as reducing the amount of greenhouse gases pumping into the atmosphere, widespread car pooling will alleviate the pressure for major roads to be expanded and rebuilt.


Car pooling and sharing rides are a great habit to form. They're not only great for your own wallet, they show you care about the company's money. Environmentally, they avoid some of the emissions contributed by the use of polluting transport and are a small step toward a more sustainable society.