Appliance energy usage guide

This guide has been put together to give you an idea of the typical energy consumption of the appliances in your house. Some of the average energy usage may surprise you, but it could help you see where your household can make the biggest energy savings.ApplianceAverage WattsEst. cost per hour at $0.22 per kWhAir conditioner (room)  Small1000$0.22Medium2300$0.51Large3200$0.71Air conditioner (ducted)5000$1.11Air cooler (evaporative)  Portable150$0.03Fixed600$0.13Ducted1000$0.22Electric blanket  Single70$0.02Double120$0.03Blender450$0.10Clothes dryer  Small rotary or cabinet2400$0.53Large rotary or wired in4000$0.88Computer  With monitor100$0.02with monitor and printer300$0.07Dishwasher2400$0.53Drill – portable500$0.11Fan  Exhaust40$0.01Ceiling100$0.02Food mixer135$0.03Freezer  200 Litre (T)100$0.02300 Litre (T)150$0.03450 Litre (T)230$0.05Griller  Small660$0.15Large2400$0.53Vertical1200$0.27Hair dryer100$0.02Heater  Oil filled column1000$0.22 1500$0.33 2000$0.44 2400$0.53Heater  Radiators/portable fan600$0.13 1000$0.22 1200$0.27 1500$0.33 2400$0.53Heater  Space3600$0.80 4500$1.00 6000$1.33 7000$1.55Heat bankssee storageheatersHotplate (T)  Small portable600$0.13Large portable1000$0.22Ceramic Halogen (T)  Small1200$0.27Large1700$0.38Hotplate – wired in (T)  Small hotplates1000$0.22Large hotplates2000$0.44Hot watersee storgeheatersIron (T)600$0.13Juice Extractor300$0.07Kettle1800$0.40Lighting  CFL7$0.002CFL11$0.002CFL20$0.004Incandescent25$0.005Incandescent60$0.01Incandescent100$0.02Lighting heater 4×274 Watts1100$0.24Microwave oven  750 Watts1300$0.29Convection1600$0.35Mini oven600$0.13Oven  Small (T)1800$0.40Large (T)2400$0.53Radio60$0.01Range hood140$0.03Refrigerator  250 litre manual defrost (T)170$0.04250 litre auto defrost (T)210$0.05500 litre frost free260$0.06600 litre frost free400$0.09Sewing machine75$0.02Shaver15$0.004Stereo/Radio/Record player100$0.02Swiming pool pump1000$0.22 1600$0.35Salt water chlorintor300$0.07Television  CRT150$0.03LCD200$0.04Plasma330$0.07Toaster  Standard600$0.13Automatic1200$0.27Towel rail – heated (T)150$0.03Vacuum cleaner  Portable1100$0.24Ducted1500$0.33VCR/DVD player100$0.02Washing machine  Small500$0.11Automatic900$0.20With element2400$0.53Welder2400$0.53Water heaters  Instantaneous hot water service1300$0.29Quick recovery service2400$0.53Off-peak 13600 Off-peak 14500 Off-peak 16000 Heat pump (T)1300$0.29Storage heaters1200$0.27Heat banks3600$0.27 4500$0.27 6000$0.27Spa heater  Small (T)2400$0.53Medium (T)5000$1.11Large (T)15000$3.32ApplianceAverage MillijoulesEst. cost per hour at $0..147 per mJGas appliances  Cook top28$0.41Ducted furnace (T) – medium60$0.88Ducted furnace (T) – large90$1.32Flued heater – wall furnace (T)40$0.59Flued heater (T)37$0.54Unflued heater25$0.37Wall oven12$0.18Gas hot water  Gas storage hot water service32$0.47Gas instanataneous hot water service185$2.72   The energy usage and cost figures listed in the appliance energy usage guide should be taken as a guide only. Energy usage is presented as an average estimate while costs and usage will vary according to things like the size of your home and your personal preferences.

Cost figures are based on an average electricity rate of $0.22 per kilowatt hour (kWh) and a gas rate of $0.0147 per millijoule (mJ) excluding GST. Due to your geographic location, the different number of tariffs and the exclusion of the Service Availability Charge (SAC), results may not be an accurate reflection of your bill and actual costs may vary between households.

Figures for thermostat-controlled appliances have also been averaged to take into account appliances that are normally on continuously and switch themselves on and off to maintain pre-selected temperatures.

   (T) =Thermostat controlled appliances

Figures correct as at June 2010

Source: Country Energy

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