Time to grab the clipboard and run the environmental ruler over your home. Identify the low hanging fruit and big bang actions that will quickly and easily reduce your homes impact on the environment.

The journey to reduce your home's energy and water use is one of many small steps. Tips and actions from changing leaking taps to installing ceiling insulation can be easily done by anyone. More sophisticated actions like installing solar hot water will require a tradesperson. However, the key is to keep pushing through them all. This way you can massively reduce your contribution to climate change and water scarcity.

How to do it now!

Take a wander through your home and identify what needs to change in your daily habits or installed in order to improve the energy and water efficiency of your home. And once you have the list, start doing it! 


Why is this action important?

The profound changes we need to make to our lifestyles in order to live sustainably will only come about if we address all the areas in our lives where we use energy, water and other resources. Taking a thorough and informed approach will ensure we don’t miss the elephants in the corner while chasing the mice around the floor…

Why Do This Action?

  • Fights climate change

  • Reduce water use

  • Save money


By reducing our energy use we directly reduce our contribution to climate change and start to shift our thinking towards "how we can support nature" rather than blithely assuming the environment will provide all.


Climate change resulting from greenhouse gas emissions is projected to adversely affect the health of millions of people throughout the world with increases in malnutrition, increased deaths, disease and injury from heatwaves, floods, storms, fires and droughts, increases in diarrhoeal disease, increased frequency of cardio-respiratory disease due to worsening air quality and altered distribution of some disease vectors.