While most of us have less control over our workplaces than we do over our homes, our commitment to reducing
the damage to the environment should not stop when we get to work. Everyday at work we make many decisions about water, waste & energy. Therefore, the workplace provides us with a great opportunity to become an agent of change toward sustainability
and lead and support the greening of our work cultures and the means of production.

Work actions

Join the green team
Join or create a work team focused on dreaming up
& implementing schemes
to reduce the impact your workplace has on the environment.

Make your profession sustainable
Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Sailor! How can we reduce the environmental impact of
our own profession?

Save paper & forests
The production of paper
uses trees, chemicals, energy (greenhouse gases) and water. About one-third of the garbage we throw away is paper. Let's avoid, reduce,
re-use and recycle at work too!

Buy green office products
Organisations have significant buying power. Swinging that power around to make the best use of our limited resources is easier than ever.

Travel together to meetings
Travel to meetings and
to work with your co-workers. It's efficient, it saves energy and it slows global warming.

Prevent stormwater pollution
Waste from industrial
sites can cause major environmental damage
if they enter the stormwater system.

Recycle office waste Corporate social responsibility starts with people doing the right things at work. Ensuring our waste is recycled is a good step in this direction.

Power down
Energy conservation at work saves resources, slows climate change and leaves the boss with more money for your bonus!

Make your business carbon neutral
With environmental concerns taking centre stage, businesses and organisations are realising the benefits of setting their business on a carbon neutral target.



Businesses, farms and other organisations control the environmental impacts of their operation, their products and their production processes. For many organisations, environmental responsibility is a new and emerging reality. As a result, there is much room for improvement in the environmental performance of many organisations. Together we can make great gains in reducing carbon emissions and water use and reducing waste generation, thus speeding our transition to a sustainable society.


Given the time we spend at work and the investment of our identity in our careers, the need to feel good about this part of our lives is pressing. So to find a company with wise and progressive environmental programs and a team working on turning them into the reality is a blessing that's bound to put a spring in our step on Monday morning as we commute to work.